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Ultrazone Laser Tag Baltimore

What is Ultrazone the Ultimate Laser Adventure?

Ultrazone, The Ultimate Laser Adventure is a high-tech live action laser adventure game played in a dimly lit fogged filled arena, where ramps, players and other obstacles create an exciting and entertaining adventure for the whole family!

Can I have my birthday party at Ultrazone Laser Tag?

Of course you can! We host the best laser tag birthday parties in Maryland! Come have a blast with your friends and family!  We have a dedicated host for your party and you can add pizza, tokens, party bags and cake!  Who doesn't love cake? Book your laser tag birthday party today, ideal for ages 6 to 96!!

Can I book a laser tag birthday party online?

Of course you can! Click on the birthday party link and scroll to the bottom or click the direct booking link if you know what package you want.

Where is Ultrazone Laser Tag?

We are located on the lower level of Eastpoint Mall in Baltimore County, Maryland - below the food court. Ultrazone is the best place to play laser tag in Maryland!

Our address is 7835 Eastpoint Mall, Baltimore, MD 21224

Hi-Tech has never been this much fun! Friday and Saturday nights we feature POWER PLAY, unlimited play for one fee!

For more information, give us a call at (800) 478-8711 or (443) 503-8832 we can reserve your booking today!

Birthday Party celebrations, corporate events, open play, power play, laser tag for every occasion! We have fundraising packages available for Monday-Thursday, raise some money for your sports team, church, troop, school etc. etc.


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How can I improve my play experience?

Don't forget to arrive ahead of your planned game or party, our game run on a tight schedule so being early is important, there's lots to do while you wait for your game to start and we have lots of new attractions coming soon!

You can sign up as a VIP citizen by either purchasing a card or liking us on facebook and getting one for free, once you are registered you can upload your picture or take a photo at our location. Your image will appear on the touch screen on the back of the phaser of each person you tag during the game. Let them know who you are when you blast them!

Learn more about how to improve your play from staff on site, ask questions before and during the game. Make sure you blast the bases you can and defend yours if you are playing a team game. Utilize our unique game stations to get powerups that can make you invulnerable or put you into stealth mode!

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